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The Gardners

John and Rachelle were introduced to Hope Children’s Home Honduras in 2014 on a mission trip and knew that this was what God has been preparing them for all along. After much prayer and a family survey trip back to Honduras, they surrendered to the Lord’s will to be the campus directors/house parents in the cottage. John separated from the Air Force and moved his family to Hope Children’s Home in Tampa, Florida. After 2 1/2 years of training and language tutoring, they arrived on the field in January 2018. They are currently caring for more than 20 children and are excited to see the more Honduran children reached for Christ.

Sending Church

Calvary Baptist Church

529 Clifford Street

Fort Walton Beach, FL

Support Agency

Hope Children's Home

11415 Hope International Drive
Tampa, Florida 33625

Our Family

Donation Link

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